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Dating in your thirties can be really tough 
But John and Iain met online on a site named Scruff
They chatted for a while and then agreed it was the time 
To meet together face to face and have a glass of wine
The day it finally came and John was running late 
Iain he sat patiently waiting for his date 
“That’s 40 minutes now
Will he ever show
I’ll finish this here glass then I’ll make my way and go”
Then just as he asked pay for his two (or three) wines 
A handsome John arrived and he was looking fine
“You’re 45 minutes late” Iain said with a grudge
“Hen you’re wearing shorts on a date 
So who are you to judge”
When John said that they laughed out loud and that’s how the night went on 
They laughed and drank and danced and snogged until it was nearly dawn

Date one done and dusted 
They were inseparable from that day 
They had so much in common 
They had so much to say
They both loved watching movies
Loved Steps and drinking wine 
Loved lazy Sunday afternoons and going out to dine 
Like it turned to love
Iain said it first 
John then screamed out I love you he felt like he would burst

Months went by and John moved in 
And they settled down
Iain cooked, John he cleaned their wee flat in the town 
Then one day they moved away to a fancy pad
On Porty beach it changed their lives 
As now they both were dads 
A December day they made the choice 
To visit the nearby pound 
And what they saw 
Was a big white boy
A loveable, gigantic hound 
Finn is his name
He’s had it tough a loving home he’s missed 
They both fell for this handsome boy 
Upon his sloppy kiss 
They took him home and spoilt him so 
Now a loving home he had 
Even though he tests their limits 
And can daily drive them mad
Their family complete 
John felt it’s time to ask for Iain’s hand
He whisked him off to Tallinn to the beautiful snowy land 
Where on one knee he read a poem and Iain he said yes 
It really was the perfect trip they both felt truly blessed. 

Since that day they moved to Fife and done up their wee home 
Iain works the power tools while John would paint and moan 
They laid down floors and dug up grounds now their house feels like it’s theirs 
They neighbours are even getting used to Iain singing Cher 

So the time is here 
The date is close
The diet has begun
The kilt’s are picked 
The rings are bought 
The day will be such fun 
So hopefully you will attend and join us while we say
Our vows out loud to those we love on this special day 

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